Hire one of our Daiquiri Machines & enjoy delicious  Frozen Cocktails or Slushee's for Weddings, Birthday Parties,  BBQ's, Hens Nights, Pool Parties, catered events or any special occasion!  Not only it is the quickest way to become the person who has the greatest parties, it's the easiest!  We can deliver and setup a Daiquiri machine around Melbourne and then pick it up when the party is over, no cleaning required!

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Q. How do I make my reservation?
A. You can either call or email us with your requirements. In that way, we can easily know the availability of a machine
Upon confirmation of your booking, we usually ask for a $50.00 deposit via Pay Pal or Direct Deposit.  We then require the balance on the day of delivery.

Q. Are these machines easy to use?
A. 100%, yes! Once delivered, we'll show how to operate the machine. Aside from that, we'll do the preparation of the first batch in order for you to easily grasp the step-by-step procedure in mixing further batches and operating the machine.

Q. What is the average amount of drinks per side?
A. Our Daiquiri Machines will blend approximately 50-60 drinks per side (measuring 200ml cocktail glass)

How much alcohol is required per side?
A. One 700ml bottle of alcohol according to the flavour you request,( e.g Strawberry Daiquiri - 700ml White Rum or Cosmopolitian - 700ml Vodka).

How long does it take for the machine to freeze?
A. All depends on air temperature, mix temperature and machine location. But, ideally 1 1/2 hours

Q. Can we produce non-alcoholic frozen drinks?
A. Yes, of course. We can actually offer non-alcoholic frozen drinks for kids and designated drivers of guests. Anyway, you can still add alcohol to individual drinks if preferred.

Q. Do I still need to pay for unopened and unused extra mix?
A. Absolutely, No! We only charge an additional $20.00 per side for every bottle of mix that has been opened.

Q. Do you accept orders from any places?
A. No, we only make delivery to all places in Melbourne and some places in Victoria. However, we need to check first your postcode to know the availability and pricing for delivery.

How many days in advance do I need to make a booking?
A. In peak seasons, you need to make your reservation at least 4 to 8 weeks before the event. On the other hand, you can book a machine on the day. To immediately know the availability of your reservation, just simply call us to fix the booking for you.

What is th size of the machine and what do I require?
Our Daiquiri Machines are approximately 500 wide, 500 deep and 1 metre tall. A sturdy table or bench top and access to electricity near by.